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Alexander Fimin

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Обо мне вкратце. Я предполагаю что Вы понимаете английский, поэтому пока не стал переводить, переведу попозже.

My Name is Alex Fimin/ (Меня зовут Александр Фимин, для коллег - Саша, для друзей - Саня).

I started working at https://www.netcracker.com/ at July 2006 (12.5 years ago from current date), while being a 3rd year student at MIPT (https://mipt.ru/drec/ ).

In parallel I was doing my bachelor study at http://www.ipmce.ru/ with specialization in wireless sensor networks. Soon I faced with difficult choice: science or engineering. I've chosen NetCracker and never regretted it (to be honest I was frustrated several times, but never was disappointed). Reasons were (and still are) the following:

  • People over processes and tools. Most influential persons in Netcracker I know share this vision consciously or unconsciously. Netcracker values people based on person abilities and performance.
  • I do care what I'm doing. Personally, sometimes I switch to other languages, such as Spanish and Ukrainian in the beginning of communication just to show I care and want to understand better. I want to make a world a better place for our kids and ourselves.
  • Doing over imitation. I had important tasks from the very beginning of my career in NC and it was encouraging back then. It is still encouraging.
  • Money as indicator of value I bring. As first year trainee I got more than my scientific supervisor at MSU.
  • I love complexity. And most complex systems from my point of view are IT, telecommunications and human societies. At Netcracker we never get bored or short of challenging tasks in those fields.
  • I work in Netcracker, i'm focused forward and i'm doing what i'm paid for 8)


fimin@frtk.ru  - E-mail (personal)
https://vk.com/nc_fimin  - стишки и песенки  на русском, 
https://www.facebook.com/alex.fimin - работа и мысли (sometimes in English),
  • Ask for Instagram if interested.

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